Communication Campaign


  • To raise awareness among Italian, Austrian, French, Hungarian and Bulgarian teenagers stimulating a change behavior and perceptions about third-country nationals
  • To raise awareness among Italian, Austrian, French, Hungarian and Bulgarian teachers on discriminatory attitudes enhanced by biased information as well as hate speech and the role of social networks through a new media direct marketing communication campaign.
  • To stimulate Italian, Austrian, French, Hungarian and Bulgarian teachers at using the toolkit for young people (11-14 years old) in their school. To do so, both new media direct and traditional dissemination activities will be planned and implemented. The latter will consist in info-day events aiming at replicating NEMO Labs, thus activating a buzz marketing operation.
  •  To disseminate the results of the research activity and of the project in general to Italian, Austrian, French, Hungarian and Bulgarian institutional decision-makers and enhancing the inclusion of NEMO Labs within traditional school plans.


Due to the numerous and diverse objectives, as well as the heterogeneity of the targets, the communication strategy will consist in two communication campaigns. These campaigns will differ in terms of specific objectives, targets, creative concepts, Key Messages, Channels and tools; but will share the same general objective.
The first communication campaign will target teenagers to fight against the negative narrative of immigrants through positive narrative based on values, opportunities and benefits of the presence of migrants. The communication campaign will based on a social networks media mix (posting, video production and multiple- subject visual campaign). Key messages of the campaign will be primarily two: cultural opportunity and economic advantage. The creative concept will empathize the potential benefits of the presence of foreigners.
Educational stakeholders will be stimulated to a more incisive action against the phenomenon of discrimination through a second communication campaign focusing on an evidence-based and highly informative direct marketing action. Key messages are condemnation, responsibility to act, and prevention towards young people. The creative concept invites the target to act.  This communication campaign has been planned by composing a digital MIX MEDIA (through a web portal and a direct marketing social action) and traditional through different forms of events (final conference and infoday). It pivots on a bouquet of BTL materials (Layman report, brochures, infographics) and a web portal information.


The communication campaigns lavarage the following products:

The visual creativity has been implemented also through:

– Valerio Scassillo, 25 y-old, civil service volunteer at Arci Solidarietà onlus and photographer (http://www.instagram.com/valerioscassillophoto);
– Lamin Kijera, 19 y-old, originally from Gambia and holder of humanitarian protection. He is currently a civil service volunteer at Arci Solidarietà onlus within another AMIF Project (Asylum Fund, Migration, Integration)

The whole partnership thanks them for providing their support in the pictures of the campaign.

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